Changing demand of agricultural products under coronavirus outbreak

This year's Sake demand is expected to fall 30 % from the previous year, so farmers reduced the transplant area of Sake rice. Sake demand decreased 9 % in February, 12% in March, and 21% in April from the previous year. Demands of several agricultural products were affected by coronavirus outbreak.

Father’s Day

June 21st is Father's Day in Japan. I wrote that red carnations are popular gift on Mother's Day. On the other hands, Japanese Sake is one of the most popular gift on Father's Day. Sake is made from sake rice.

Edible Flower

Japanese people decorate chrysanthemum on the top of raw fish (Sashimi) traditionally. I did not know that it has not only beauty but also detoxification. I had not eaten chrysanthemum on Sashimi so far, but I will eat from now.

Starting fruit season under Corona outbreak

Fruit season has started in Japan. Spring is a season for strawberry and cherry. Summer is a season for peach and melon. These are the fruits that tourists can go to the farms and enjoy fruit picking. However, tourists cannot visit farms because of Corona.
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