Where does wheat come from to Japan?

Some western-style meals need flour, but Japanese wheat production is limited and wheat is imported from the United States, Canada, and Australia. 83.6% of the wheat produced in Japan is wheat for Japanese noodle, Udon. wheat for bread and cakes are not produced much.

Cubic watermelon

Watermelons are generally spherical, but we cultivate cubic watermelons in Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture. Cubic squid was developed because it is easy to distribute, but its production is low and I have never eaten it.


Japanese people have "Obon" holiday in mid-August. During "Obon", it is believed that the spirits of the deceased and ancestors will return to their homes.

Twenty three US dollar cup noodle!?

A Japanese company is a developer of cup noodle. About 23 US dollar cup noodle will be sold on September!!
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