Project tracking food supply chain by RFID

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has started the project of the food supply chain by utilizing RFID (Radio F...

Edible cricket powder

Now I found edible cricket powder for baking. Japanese bread maker named Pasco released bread and cakes made from crickets for a limited time last December.

DONTO YAKI – Burning of New Year’s gate decorations

In Japan the New Year's event in which the New Year's decorations are burnt is held on the 15th day of January. The neighbors gather and burn the decorations for the New Year.

Nanakusa gayu: rice porridge with seven herbs

Yesterday was January 7th. It is one week after new years day. As I mentioned last time, Japanese people eat Osechi for new year. Osechi is big meal and makes stomach tired. So people eat porridge on January 7th to rest our stomach.

Osechi – New year dishes

We eat Osechi for new year day in Japan. Osechi are dishes put in the boxes. Usually, the boxes are three layer.
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