Domestic wine in Japan

Nowadays, wine made from domestic grape is popular in Japan. Tsukuba is the city located north 60 km from Tokyo, some winery has been opened.

New wave of citrus in Japan

The most major citrus in Japan is Satsuma mandarin (Japanese orange). The amount of shipment of Satsuma mandarin has decreased since the 1970s. People started to choose the other fruits such as orange which started being imported from the United States in 1991 without tariff.

Starting tea season

Trading of tea harvested in Kagoshima began on the 5th for the first time in Japan. The tea production area is in western Japan. The largest production prefecture is Shizuoka prefecture, and the second is Kagoshima prefecture.

Green tea habit

Normally Japanese people drink green tea without sugar. It surprised me to know there is green tea with sugar abroad.
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