Rice planting season

Now, the rice planting season has begun in eastern Japan. In Japan, rice is planted in flooded rice fields. Japan has long waterways, the main waterways are 40,000 km, and small and medium-sized ones are 400,000 km. We have created an environment for making rice in Japan's long history.

Gluten free

Nowadays, some people avoid gluten because of allergies or health. I found an apple sauce package printed " gluten free".

Ranking test of rice

Rice is one of the most special crop for Japan people. Japan Grain Inspection Association has tested rice quality in harvested season since 1971.

Changing demand of agricultural products under coronavirus outbreak

This year's Sake demand is expected to fall 30 % from the previous year, so farmers reduced the transplant area of Sake rice. Sake demand decreased 9 % in February, 12% in March, and 21% in April from the previous year. Demands of several agricultural products were affected by coronavirus outbreak.

Father’s Day

June 21st is Father's Day in Japan. I wrote that red carnations are popular gift on Mother's Day. On the other hands, Japanese Sake is one of the most popular gift on Father's Day. Sake is made from sake rice.

Rice freshness

Japanese people are concerned about the rice harvested year and polished date, they are sure printed on the rice packages.

Major rice variety KOSHIHIKARI

Many rice varieties are released in Japan. And we can buy various kind of rice at a supermarket. KOSHIHIKARI is the most popular rice variety, it is grown 35% of total rice area in Japan.

Rice varieties

There are lots of rice varieties in Japan. 971 varieties have been registered since 1981. And 481 varieties are now on the list.

Gluten free bread made from rice powder

Japanese government want to boost rice consumption and a governmental research institute developed a new rice variety for baking bread. Can bake gluten free bread with rice powder and yeast.

Rice is a major agricultural product.

Figure shows the value of agricultural production in 2017. Rice is 19% and vegetable is 26% of the total (92,724 Bill. yen). Vegetable includes many kinds of plants but rice is only rice. You can understand how special rice is for Japanese people!
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