Christmas cake

In Japan, it is common to eat a typical cake at Christmas.

Christmas cakes are sponge cakes covered with white cream and decorated with strawberries. This shape is said by a large Japanese cake maker to spread this style of cake. The style of cake may have two meanings, one is that red and white are colors for celebration, the other is that white cream expresses snow and red strawberries does Santa Claus.

It is cold in December in Japan so strawberries are not grown on fields. However, strawberries for the Christmas cake are grown in the greenhouse , and its price rises in December.

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In Europe, which celebrates Christmas from ancient times, Christmas cakes are made with dried fruits and other things that can be obtained even in winter.
In Japan, Christmas has a short history.
I think the length of history made the difference in cakes between western countries and Japan.

Merry Christmas!


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