Measures for boosting food-service industry, “Go To Eat campaign”

Ministry of agriculture started the campaign for support food‐service industry which had big damage by coronavirus on October.
We can get 500-yen-ticket for lunch or 1000-yen-ticket for dinner when we book a restaurant through the internet. The ticket can be used next time at the same or the other restaurant.

The ministry announced that as of November 11, more than 50 million people reserved restaurants, equivalent to 40 billion yen tickets are gives them. The budget will be run out soon.

I ate out one lunch and one dinner with 2 friends, so I got the ticket of 4500 yen (500*3+1000*3). Now I am looking for a restaurant to use the tickets.

Hope the campaign help for food-service industry.

「Go To Eatキャンペーン事業」について:農林水産省


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