Nanakusa gayu: rice porridge with seven herbs

Yesterday was January 7th. It is one week after new years day. As I mentioned last time, Japanese people eat Osechi for new year. Osechi is big meal and makes stomach tired. So people eat porridge on January 7th to rest our stomach.

The porridge is cooked with seven herbs.
Seri(せり): Water dropwort
Nazuna (なずな) :Shepherd’s purse
Gogyo(ごぎょう): Cudweed
Hakobera (はこべら): Chickweed
Hotokenoza(ほとけのざ) : Henbit
Suzuna(すずな) : Tunip
Suzushiro(すずしろ) : Daikon raddish

These herbs contain nutrients that regulate gastrointestinal function.


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