Nanakusa gayu: rice porridge with seven herbs

Yesterday was January 7th. It is one week after new years day. As I mentioned last time, Japanese people eat Osechi for new year. Osechi is big meal and makes stomach tired. So people eat porridge on January 7th to rest our stomach.

Osechi – New year dishes

We eat Osechi for new year day in Japan. Osechi are dishes put in the boxes. Usually, the boxes are three layer.

Christmas cake

In Japan, it is common to eat a typical cake at Christmas. Christmas cakes are sponge cakes covered with white cream and decorated with strawberries. This shape is said by a large Japanese cake maker to spread this style of cake. The style of cake may have two meanings, one is that red and white are colors for celebration, the other is that white cream expresses snow and red strawberries does Santa Claus.

Winter solstice

Winter solstice is December 21st in 2020. In Japan, pumpkins have been eaten at the winter solstice for a long time. In Japan, pumpkins are harvested in the summer, why people eat it in the winter?


People may know "Wagyu" has some connections with Japanese Beef. When I went to Australia, I looked at the word "Australian Wagyu" on a menu. It is strange for me to hear "Australian Wagyu". ‘Wa (和)’ means ‘Japanese’ and ‘Gyu(牛)’ means ‘cow’ in Japanese language.

Suspension of “Go To Eat campaign”

On November 25, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government requested that restaurants and karaoke shops that serve alcoholic beverages in Tokyo be shortened to 10 pm in response to the re-expansion of the new coronavirus infection.

Ranking test of rice

Rice is one of the most special crop for Japan people. Japan Grain Inspection Association has tested rice quality in harvested season since 1971.

Measures for boosting food-service industry, “Go To Eat campaign”

Ministry of agriculture started the campaign for support food‐service industry which had big damage by coronavirus on October. We can get 500-yen-ticket for lunch or 1000-yen-ticket for dinner when we book a restaurant through the internet. The ticket can be used next time at the same or the other restaurant.

Subsidy for smart assist suits

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has started to give subsidies to farms if they use assist suits since July, this year. The subsidy is named “Aging Friendly Subsidy”, so farms must hire a person over 60 years old if they get the subsidy.

Thieves were arrested

I wrote about thieves in agricultural products. Recently thieves were arrested in Tochigi prefecture. They are from outside of Japan. I guess it is difficult for the people from other countries to earn enough money or get useful information about governmental support under the outbreak of coronavirus. But farmers may start being cautious of the people from other countries because of a few people's bad behavior.
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